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The mud pools and steam vents on the southwest part of Reykjanes.

The area is close to Reykjanes lighthouse and is collectively named Gunnuhver after a female ghost that was laid there. She had caused great disturbance until a priest set a trap for her and she fell into the spring. This happend about 400 years ago.

The mud pools form where steam from boiling geothermal resevoir water emanates and condenses and mixes with surface water. Accompanying gases such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide make the water acid. This causes alteration of the fresh lava rock to clay.

Steaming of the ground at Reykjanes increased markedly as a consequence of a pressure drawdown in the geothremal reservoir upon the start of production from the reservoir in 2006.

Iceland´s larges mud pool at present prominent, highest up in the Gunnuhver group. It is 20 meters wide across a rim of mud, boiling vigorously.

Two ramps are located at the Gunnuhver group, on close to Gunnuhver itself where you can look down to the spring and hear the vigorous noice, see the boiling water and feel lthe power bursting from the ground and the steam on your face. The other ramp is located on Kísilhól a silica hill. From there you have a good view over Gunnuhver group and suroundings.

Gunnuhver is the heart in a future geopark where the North Atlantic ridge is rising from the ocean, you find 100 different craters and lava, bird cliffs, high geothermal area, sand beach,The Bridge Between Continents, powerplant, lighthouses and exhibitions amongst other things.

GPS Points N63° 49' 11.500" W22° 41' 14.623"

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Visitors to Iceland who arrive via Keflavik International Airport on the Reykjanes Peninsula may be somewhat surprised by the landscape that greets their eyes as they touch down in Iceland for the very first time. A seemingly endless, green-grey moss-topped lava field blankets the peninsula for as far as the eye can see, and it is this strange and rather other-worldly sight that is your first glimpse of the land of fire and ice. 

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