berries, berries, berries


berries, berries, berries

This fall is good for berries.

We had a good spring and sunny summer and now is the time to claim the rewards. The hills are alive with berries, mostly crowberries. The blue berries can be found in some places on the Reykjanes Peninsula but locals keep the location a secret.

Picking crowberries at Þorbjörn mountain near Grindavík

Me and my friend Anna went for a hike on Þorbjörn mountain but it took a long time because we ate so many berries on the way.

It´s also great to use them in jam or just a juice. You can pick berries anywhere except on private land, then it is polite to ask for permission.

Soon we will have frost at night so you´ll need to be quick. 

Eat berries, they´re good for you!