It also rains in Garður

It also rains in Garður

It also rains in Garður

The white beach and Garður´s lighthouses are a constant attraction, famous for its glorious sunsets with a view towards the glacier at Snæfellsnes.

It was less crowded one rainy Sunday afternoon - to be exact: there was not a soul to be found. The reason - it was pouring rain. So I had the beach all to myself and what a glorious walk.

You could hear the courting of the common eider, a large sea duck but around 8000 of them reside in the area all year. There was a lot of ohh-ing and arching to gain the attention of the opposite sex and they were so busy with it that they didn´t give me much of attention. 

The sea around Reykjanes is the warmest in Iceland and the shore in Garður is filled with birds during winter, but it is most fun in the spring when we have our travellers arriving from around the world.

The sand was a work of art, the sea having carved beautiful lines with its waves as well as filled it with the forest of the sea, red, brown and green seaweed.

A great Icelandic poet once wrote about the seaweed in a mournful way, it was left at the shore drifting and watching all the birds fly away to meet adventures.

Reikult er rótlaust þangið,
rekst það um víðan sjá.
Straumar og votir vindar
velkja því til og frá.

Fuglar flugu yfir hafið
með fögnuði og vængjagný,
- hurfu út í himinblámann
hratt eins og vindlétt ský.

Þangið, sem horfði á hópinn,
var hnipið allan þann dag.
Bylgjan, sem bar það uppi,
var blóðug um sólarlag.


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