The golden plover is here!

The golden plover is here!

The golden plover is here!

The messanger of spring is here!

The Golden plover spends summers in Iceland, and in Icelandic folklore, the appearance of the first plover means that spring has arrived. The Icelandic media always covers the first plover sighting, which in 2017, took place on March 27, 2017.

The Icelandic frase is "Lóan er komin" or "The golden plover has arrived" - and that basicly means that all is well ind the world and soon winter is over. Hurray!

We even have poems and songs about it. Here is one, but of course it is in Icelandic. It basicly says: The golden plover is here and it will sing away all your worries and promises seasons in the sun. Or something like that. Funny thing, the song is actually an american folk song.

The name of the golden plover is Lóa in Icelandic and many women bear her name. 
This is Lóa, she lives in Keflavík and plays basketball with the local team.

And if you are interested in more birds we have plenty of them on the Reykjanes Peninsula since we are a kind of a stopover for migrating birds.

A good place for bird whatcing is Hafnaberg cliff a low, vertical cliff that is rich with a wide variety of flora and fauna inhabiting its slopes and its skies. Birds that can be seen at the cliff include guillemots, kittiwakes, fulmars, razorbills, and many others. Sometimes seals and small whales can also be spotted a short distance off the coast. The cliff is located in a convenient spot and can be easily accessed from the main road.