We love music

We love music

We love music

Somehow Reykjanes seems to be a cradle for new music in Iceland, we don´t know why but the US navy base was an influential factor when we didn´t have radio and television.

We had our own Beatles, they were called "Hljómar" and our John was Gunnar and Rúnar was Paul. Rúnar was a great soccer player as well and later married miss Iceland 1969.

The most popular musicians were from Reykjanes, one of them was Vilhjálmur Vilhjálmsson from Merkines in Hafnir and his sister was also quite famous. Her name was Elly short for Eldey which is the Island you can see from Valahnúkur on the Reykjanes Peninsula. Eldey is the third largest gannet colony in Europe, but that´s another story. 

A trivial fact, Elly had a monkey named Bongo and was quite handy with a riffle. 

This is them singing together.

Our most famous band offshore is Of monsters and men but we also love this guy:

A trivial fact, Valdimar also plays the trombone.

In Hljómahöll (yes it takes it´s name from the famous band Hljómar) we have the Icelandic museum of rock "n" roll and there you can get a taste of the history of music in Iceland and listen to concerts.

This is Elmar Þór Hauksson performing in Hljómahöll a song by a local composer, Jóhann Helgason. The concert was a part of a project that aims to tell us about the musical history of Reykjanes.