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April Fools!

April Fools!
April Fools! There is no book.

Hah! Got you!

The book was a lie and so are fail-proof solutions to get through April 1st without being pranked.

Since you are here though there are some amazing things on our site that won't fool or trick you.

Check out the Reykjanes Geosites, many are only a short drive from the international airport in Keflavík or the Reykjavík Capital.

Not sure what to do in the Reykjanes Peninsula, here are some of the activities you can try out!

And be careful and try to stay clear of the more troublesome April Fools tricks. And try to enjoy the rest!

The Reykjanes Peninsula

Towns & Villages

Visitors to Iceland who arrive via Keflavik International Airport on the Reykjanes Peninsula may be somewhat surprised by the landscape that greets their eyes as they touch down in Iceland for the very first time. A seemingly endless, green-grey moss-topped lava field blankets the peninsula for as far as the eye can see, and it is this strange and rather other-worldly sight that is your first glimpse of the land of fire and ice. 

Map Garður Sandgerði Reykjanesbær Vogar Grindavík