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The Church in Krýsuvík gets an Honorary Beauty Award

The Church in Krýsuvík burned down in 2010, immediately after the fire a group of people created a friend's association for the church with reforms of rebuilding it.

The Krýsuvík Church was owned by the National Museum of Iceland, which gave the friends association the insurance money they got from the fire. With that money the association negotiated with Tækniskólinn in Hafnafjörður (Technical collage) about rebuilding the church in its original form where the students and teachers gave their time to build the Church while learning woodworking skills from the 19th century. Prior to the fire in 2003 The National Museum of Iceland measured and photographed the Church, these measurements made the rebuilding possible, but it took a decade to finish rebuilding.

The Beauty awards in Hafnafjörður is a yearly award ceremony that gives out rewards for the most beautiful gardens, streets, institutional site or business area. This year it was decided to give the church in Krýsuvík an honorary Beauty Award, but the newly rebuilt Church was put in its original spot in October 2020.

You can find more info about the Church in Krýsuvík or our website here.