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Vestnorden 2021

Travel trade show and Sightseeing tours

The travel mart Vestnorden will be held in Reykjanes this fall, 5-7 October. The show itself will take place in Reykjanesbær, but the tradition is to offer guests sightseeing tours around Reykjanes collaboratively with tour operators in the area.

Registration is now open for the show and more information can be found here:

What is Vestnorden?

Vestnorden is an annual travel trade show for tourism in the West Nordic region featuring Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. It is also the most important annual business-to-business trade show in the North Atlantic region to assemble buyers and exhibitors.

Vestnorden in Reykjanes peninsula

This year, we are excited to announce that Vestnorden will occur in person on the Reykjanes peninsula. One of UNESCO’s Global Geoparks, the Reykjanes peninsula is a geological wonder that lies on the tectonic boundaries along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and is the only place on earth where the ridge is visible.

Reykjanes is a rising star

The area is filled with a stunning testament to the power of volcanic activity among its rich history, culture, activities, wellness, and culinary experiences that should not be overlooked. Ever since settlers first came here, Icelanders in Reykjanes have learned to respect and live with a powerful nature that will not be controlled.

The main focus

Vestnorden 2021 will focus on sustainable energy in its many forms and the impact it has had on Iceland.

The goal

The main goal for Vestnorden is to form new travel trade opportunities while reinforcing relationships with stakeholders in tourism for the three destinations. Vestnorden will offer you an extensive professional introduction to a variety of products whether you seek unique natural, cultural, or adventure experiences.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!