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Lava Hostel

Lava Hostel offers a low-price accommodation in Hafnarfjörður a town known for elves and Vikings. In this great atmosphere, we offer rooms for up to eight people, a sleeping bag dorm for larger groups and a campsite. Guests are welcome to use our Wi-fi, laundry facility, kitchen and dining area. Lava Hostel is only 20 minutes drive from Reykjavik city center and in a walking distance from the center of Hafnarfjörður.

Lava Hostel is surrounded with Lava and nature, located next to a public park. The hostel is close to bus stops, shops, restaurants, museums, swimming pool, fly bus stops and various activities. If your mind is torn between the city life and the quiet nature Lava Hostel is the place for you. We offer you the best of both worlds.

If you are looking for a family friendly campsite near Reykjavik, Hafnarfjörður Camping is the place for you. The campsite is close to shops, restaurants, swimming pool and many tourist activities. Bus stops for the city bus and fly bus are nearby. The airport is 30 minutes drive away. We are situated in a beautiful green park surrounded by lava near the town center of Hafnarfjörður. However, downtown Reykjavik is only a 20 minutes drive away, so you still remain close to the action. Facilities include access to WC, showers, hot and cold water, laundry facility as well as internet, kitchen and a dining area located in Lava hostel. Electricity can be rented for campervans for a small fee.

Lava hostel and Hafnarfjörður camping is run by Hraunbúar scouts.

Lava Hostel

Hjallabraut 51

GPS Points N64° 4' 32.656" W21° 57' 53.919"
Opening period 01/05 - 30/09
Categories Guesthouses , Hostels , Camping

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19.41 km

Keilisnes is a spit of land between the coves Flekkuvik and Kalfatjorn. On the Cairn Mound near the old main road stands a cairn called Stefansvarda. This spot offers an excellend panoramic view over the Faxi Bay.

Copy right: Used by permission

24.96 km
Hoskuldarvellir is a green spot in the lava field to the west of the shield volcano Trolladyngja on the Reykjanes Peninsula in Southwest Iceland. A stream bead there seems to suggest some kind of a discharge of water from the volcano Trolladyngja. When it is active during the melting season of snow or discharge of ground water it runs down the plains and continues to recreate the landscape. Hoskuldarvellir represents the largest green area of the former district of Gullbringusysla.

Copy right: Used by permission.
18.79 km

A green patch near a pond next to the old route at the southern edge of Afstapahraun which is a lava field up of Vatnsleysuvík. Reykjanesbraut (41) lies around the patch. There used to be a farmstead and a known place to rest at. Kuagerdi means "Cow Grazings". Today there as been put up a memorial cross for those who have died in traffic accidents on Reykjanesbraut.

19.58 km

Lake between Sveifluháls and Vatnshlíð.

The lake Kleifarvatn is about 10 km². It is the largest of Reykjanes peninsula and the third largest of southern Iceland. It is about 97 m deep and one of the deepest lakes in Iceland. Its catchment area is small and it has a very limited discharge on the surface. The lake has diminished since year 2000 because of two major earthquakes, which probably opened up fissures at its bottom. In the sixties char fries from Lake Hlidarvatn were released into the lake and have thrived quite well.

In the southernmost part a hot water from some hot springs runs into the lake but elsewhere the lake is very cold. A small fishing lodge is located by the lake. Great place for photographers because of the volcanic surroundings of the lake are unique and beautiful. The story says that a monster in the shape of a worm and size of a medium sized whale lives in the lake.

14.87 km

A lava flow formed in an eruption in the year 1151 AD.

In that year a 25 km long fissure opened obliquely across the Reykjanes peninsula. The lava field is located in south of ridge Nupshlidarhals(Vesturhals) and craters in the northern part are part of crater row in the north of Ridge Nupshlidarhals. Ogmundur is a male name in Iceland.

Located West of Lake Kleifarvatn. Drive road 427 and turn left on road 42 then park at Seltún and walk Preststígur. Walk estimated 2-3 hours up and down.

6.71 km
The rugged and barren Chapel Lava Field or the New Lava Field spreads between the town Hafnarfiord and Cove Straumsvik. According to chronological research, it was created between 1010 and 1020. Directly opposite to the Aluminium Smelter is a lava mound with a ruin of a prayer chapel, probably dating back to catholic times. In 1950 it was examined and a statuette of St Barbara was discovered. A replica of the statuette was made and placed in the ruin, but the original is kept in the National Museum in Reykjavik. A large area of the lava field around the chapel ruin has been quarried for street construction and house foundations and flattened.

Copy right: Used by permission.
24.86 km

An important high temperature geothermal area.

Many study opportunities due to the great variety of features. A boardwalk leads through the area. Seltún has many mudpots and fumaroles, and minerals deposited from geothermal solutions provide colorful sediments. Good walking paths are around the area and parking.

Setún is a part of Reykjanes nature reserve.

Location: Road 42, parking, near Kleifarvatn.

History and Culture
20.04 km

A sheep shelter, round in shape and constructed skilfully from lava rocks.

Situated 2-3 km from the former parsonage Kalfatjorn in a direct line from there to Mt Dyngja.

It is about two metres high, 8 m in diameter, and 35 m in circumferance. The ground inside it is flat and covered with grass.
No sources reveal its age, but it is considered to be a few centuries old. According to the legend, a man named Gudmundur built it for the reverend at Kalfatjorn.

He worked elaborately at the construction, collected stones from the surrounding area to have a large selection to chose from to fit them together as perfectly as possible. He planned to close it with a cone shaped roof of stones, but the reverend envisioned it higher and more prominent than his church´s steeple and stopped the construction work. The stone mason left it exactly as we see it today. It was declared inviolate in 1951.

23.68 km
Reykjanes nature reserve

A large nature reserve ideal for recreation and to explore in the nature.

The nature reserve is about 300 square kilometres and is by far the largest region of its kind in Iceland. It is bordered in the east by the districts of Gullbringa and Árnessýsla and in the north it connects with the Bláfjöll nature reserve. The western borders of the nature reserve are west of Undirhlíðar and Núpshlíðarháls hill and a straight line to the sea at Selatangar, a former fishermens´ station. The southernmost borders follow the coastline. The only big lake is Kleifarvatn. The land is very hilly, two very distinctive ridges cut through the landscape in NA-SV direction and they are about 300-400 metres above sea level, Núpshlíðarháls and Sveifluháls. Brennisteinsfjöll are located in the easternmost part of the nature reserve and there are a few mountains that are 500-600 metres above sealevel. Seltún is very active hotspring area and was once to become the source for providing the Hafnarfjörður municipality with hot water for space heating. On the coast is the largest birdcliff on the peninsula, Krýsuvíkurberg, where approx. 50.000 seabirds are nesting. Easy access hiking and walking trails are to be found in many places and attractive ponds and lakes are on top of some of the hills.

14.00 km

Hvassahraunskatlar is a hornitos in the Hrútagjá lava shield flow. Hornitos usually form due to powerful degassing at crater edges. These ones, however, came into being approximately 10 km away from the top crater.

Hvassahraunskatlar is a geosite within Reykjanes Unesco Global Geopark.

16.62 km
Hrútagjárdyngja (shield)

Hrútagjárdyngja is a 6,000 to 6,500 years old ava shield, plus a lava flow that covers 80-100 sq. km of land. That volume of lava is at least 3 cu. km. Besides a large top carter, the upper part is cut by deep ravines, probably due to magma injections, causing the whole structure to inflate.

Location: Sign can be found from road 42 that leads to the shield.

10.18 km

Patch of lava field in Vatnsleysustrond county. Located between two lava fields Kapelluhraun and Afstappahraun. It came from Hrútárgjárdyngju that erupted over 7000 years ago. There used to be a forest but like in other places in Iceland it was gone due to exploitation and grazing. In the area you can find one of many Gvendarbrunnur and on the south side of Reykjanesbraut there are Hvassahraunskatlar.

The name Almenningur means "Common Grazings" and they still share it.

Location: Vatnsleysuströnd

History and Culture
21.36 km

Kalfatjörn is a former farm, parsonage and church site in the Vatnsleysa County. It was a parsonage until 1907, when the parish was united with the Gardar parish of the Kjalarnes deanery. During catholic times, the church was dedecated to St Peter. The present church was built in 1892-93 and consecrated June 11th 1893. It was built of wood and covered with corrugated iron on stone foundations. It seats 150 persons. It now belongs to the Tjorn Parish. The altarpiece, a replica of the one in the Reykjavik Cathedral, painted by Sigurdur Guðmundsson, is equally old as the church.

Copy right: Used by permission

17.50 km

An open fissure in an oval hyaloclastite mount named Lambafell. The fissure is only few metres deep. It is possible to hick along the entire fissure on the summer time. In the walls of the fissure are excellent outcrops of subglacially formed basaltic pillows.

Location: The walk takes about 1 hour. Take road to Höskuldarvöllur and then drive down to Trölladyngja. Park at the parking at Eldborg and walk east of Eldborg to Lambafell.

23.08 km

Ruins of a shieling(hut), used for cattles during the summer time.

The shieling was located in a crater.

Location: Short walk from road 428 (only open summertime).

24.61 km

The normal fault and tension fracture, Hrafnagjá, is the longest of its kind at the Reykjanes peninsula. It is 12 km long and up to 30 m high. The set of fractures east of Vogar village forms a typical rift valley.

Location: Hrafnagjá is visible from Reykjanesbraut (road nr. 41) to Keflavík International Airport. A hikingtrail leads to the location from the parking place by the intersection of the town Vogar.

Hrafnagjá is a geosite in the Reykjanes Unesco Global Geopark.


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The Reykjanes Peninsula

Towns & Villages

Visitors to Iceland who arrive via Keflavik International Airport on the Reykjanes Peninsula may be somewhat surprised by the landscape that greets their eyes as they touch down in Iceland for the very first time. A seemingly endless, green-grey moss-topped lava field blankets the peninsula for as far as the eye can see, and it is this strange and rather other-worldly sight that is your first glimpse of the land of fire and ice. 

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