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Sandgerði is one of the country's major fishing communities. Rich fishing-grounds are found just off the coast of Sandgerði. There are interesting things to do in the town, among others, bird-watching, golfing, see historical significant places, go swimming or have a meal in the restaurant. A great variety of Icelandic hand made souvenirs is on offer at the Listatorg souvenir shop. One can go visit the Nature Center, a museum with insight to Icelandic nature.

It is possible to rent a summerhouse in the northern part of town. A new road lies south from Sandgerði passing Hvalsnes and Stafnes on to the Hafnir village. This offers the possibility to make a roundtrip on the northern part of the peninsula.

GPS Points N64° 2' 25.832" W22° 42' 46.139"
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Ný Vídd listasmiðja
  • Vitatorg 9-13
  • 245 Sandgerði
  • 423-7960, 699-7754
  • Vitatorg 9-13
  • 245 Sandgerði
  • 420-7555
Sandgerði Golf club
Golf Courses
  • Vallarhús
  • 245 Sandgerði
  • 423-7802


Þóroddsstaðir Travel Service
Farm Holidays
  • Þóroddsstaðir
  • 245 Sandgerði
  • 423-7748, 893-7523
  • Byggðavegur
  • 245 Sandgerði
  • 854-8424


Mamma Mía Restaurant
  • Tjarnargata 6
  • 245 Sandgerði
  • 423-7377 , 824-7270
History and Culture
The Church at Hvalsnes
The church at Hvalsnes was consecrated in 1887. Ketill Ketilsson farmer and ship owner at Kotvogur, who then owned the land at Hvalsnes financed the building of the church. The church is preserved and is completely built of carved stone collected from the local plentiful area of rock. All of the wood in the interior was collected from the shores nearby. Extensive repairs were made to the church in 1945 under the supervision of the architect of the state. One of the most remarkable items of the church is the gravestone of Steinunn Hallgrímsdóttir who died when she was 4 years old in 1649. She was the daughter of Hallgrímur Pétursson Iceland's most important psalmist which at that time served as a priest at the parish in Hvalsnes. The gravestone was lost for a long time but was discovered again in 1964 but it had been used as a part of a walkway leading to the church.
Other attractions
Sandgerðisdagar in Sandgerdi

Annually on the last weekend in august there is a family festival held in Sandgerði which emphazises on the enjoyment of people coming together and entertaining each other. Many events are available to people from Friday to Sunday because then all of the local citizens put in an effort to make the weekend as memorable as possible. For more information visit the official webpage of Sandgerði


The Reykjanes Peninsula

Towns & Villages

Visitors to Iceland who arrive via Keflavik International Airport on the Reykjanes Peninsula may be somewhat surprised by the landscape that greets their eyes as they touch down in Iceland for the very first time. A seemingly endless, green-grey moss-topped lava field blankets the peninsula for as far as the eye can see, and it is this strange and rather other-worldly sight that is your first glimpse of the land of fire and ice. 

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