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Gunnuhver one of the most haunted places in the world

Photo: Thrainn Kolbeinsson
Photo: Thrainn Kolbeinsson

Architectural Digest has named Gunnuhver mud pool as one of the 37 most haunted places in the world. The tale of Gunna at this famous Reykjanes peninsula landmark, caught the eye of AD for its paranormal activity, scary history and stunning location. The article reads, “nothing beats a good ghost story,“ which is very much the case with Gunnuhver. The tale of Gunna is a tale of vengeance, murder, and a haunted geothermal area. What more does one need for a good Icelandic folklore?

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The area is named after Gunna ,a woman who lived on this slice of the Reykjanes Peninsula some 400 years ago. After dying of starvation, her spirit came back home to violently murder her former landlord and his wife. The local townspeople called upon a priest to take care of their little ghost problem, which he solved by casting Gunna into a boiling hot mud pool. While no other supernatural murders have occurred since then, some visitors claim to catch glimpses of Gunna’s ghostly figure through the billowing mist of the pools from time to time.