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For the family

The Reykjanes peninsula is the perfect place for a good family tour. The peninsula is very accessable and adventurous for all ages. Whether it is a nice hike in the mountains or through the lava fields or a visit to the beach, an adventurous ATV tour or a visit to one of the exhibitions. There something to do for everyone. 


There are many sights worthy to exploring in Reykjanes weather its by a helicopter or a car the choice is yours.

Outdoor Activities

There are many outdoor activites that you can do in Reykjanes, such as Hiking, Cave exploring and many more!

Water Activities

Kayaking, boat tours or diving are just some of the activities that Reykjanes has on offer.

Bird Watching

Iceland is known for its unique landscape and unspoiled nature, and its bird fauna has long been a subject of interest. It is an island of few predators and is therefore important for breeding bird species. With spring, the migrating bird species come in from Europe and breed over the summer while the more Arctic species migrate from the north and spend the winter around the Icelandic coast. Iceland has 75 regular breeding species and several occasional nesting bird species.

This site describes sites that are good for birdwatching and gives information about how to get there and where to find scarce species that are frequently seen in the area. The best time for a birding trip depends on the goal. If you are in Iceland for breeding species, then late May to June is the best time, when all migrants have arrived and birds are conspicuous, defending their territories. If the goal is to spot new rare American species for your western Palearctic list, we recommend that you put on your raincoat and visit from September to November. This map focuses on where one could find scarce species, such as Harlequin Ducks (Histrionicus histrionicus) or Great Northern Diver (Gavia immer). The more common species, for example, Meadow pipits (Anthus pratensis) and Golden Plovers, are not mentioned as they are easy to find in many areas.

Click here to download Birding on Reykjanes Peninsula map

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