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Eruption FAQ

Before traveling to the eruption site it is important to familiarise yourself with the conditions in the area, the hiking trail, road and weather conditions, and more. On, you can find daily updates on opening and conditions on-site.

With this site, we have gathered information that can help you to prepare for the visit. If you feel something is missing. Let us know.

Hiking and parking

There are different pathways to the eruption site to choose from, here you can find a map of pathways and information about parking in the area.

360° Aerial Panoramas

Explore the eruption site from above with our interactive 360-degree panoramas.

The eruption site

The eruption in Mt. Fagradalsfjall started on March 19th, 2021 at 8:45 PM after an increased seismic activity on the Reykjanes peninsula for over a year, dating back to January 2020. These events were unusual, compared to the background activity in the area over the last decades.

Webcams from the eruption site

It can be really fun to watch the volcanic avtivity, thankfully there are numerus webcams on site and here we have collected a few of that that you can take a look at.


Here you can find images from the eruption site that we combined in a gallery