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August 3rd, 2022 - An eruption started in Mt. Fagradalsfjall again (⚠ Updated August 22nd) - click to read

⚠ Update: since August 21st, 2022 there has been no visible activity in Meradalir Volcano.

No flowing lava can be seen at the moment, but the hiking path remains open. This site will be updated if something new happens. 

After a little less than a week of a robust seismic swarm ongoing just northeast of Fagradalsfjall in Reykjanes, an eruption has started again in Merardalir, a little north of the last eruption. 

Before you visit the site, please read through the information in the boxes below and familiarize yourself with the safety guidelines from authorities. 



Eruption FAQ
Hiking and parking
360° Aerial Panoramas

Explore the eruption site from above with our interactive 360-degree panoramas.

The eruption site
Webcams from the eruption site

All active webcams from the Fagradalsfjall volcano eruption site in one place.


Here you can find images from the eruption site that we combined in a gallery