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Eruption information
Volcanic eruption in Reykjanes A volcanic eruption is ongoing in Geldingadalir on the Reykjanes Peninsula. It is a magnificent scene to visit. However, visitors are urged to take precautions and prepare well before visiting. Here you can find information about the eruption and answers to frequently asked questions.


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Destinations to Consider


The towns



Outdoor enthusiasts should not miss out on the chance of visiting the town of Garður if they are traveling through the Reykjanes peninsula.On Garðskag


Grindavík, a family-oriented village, is one of the nations strongest fishing industry townships, and home to well established processing plants and a


The town Hafnir owns the second most land in the Reykjanes peninsula and takes its name from two large farms Sandhöfn and Kirkjuhöfn which are now des


The Town of Reykjanes is a young and vibrant rapidly growing town on Reykjanes peninsula. There has been a significant increase in number of citizens


Sandgerði is one of the country's major fishing communities. Rich fishing-grounds are found just off the coast of Sandgerði. There are interesting thi


On June 10th, 2018, a new municipality, Suðurnesjabær was created from the merger of Sandgerði and Garður. Residents voted on their new town’s name an


In the Town of Vogar you will find various services and can enjoy a walk along the sea, watch the birdlife by Vogatjörn pond and the monument Íslands

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News from Reykjanes

  • Screenshot of the crater from the 360° image that was taken on 15.09.21
You can view the 360° image…

    New 360° image of the crater

    Early in the morning of the 15th of September, the Visit Reykjanes team went to the eruption site in Geldingadalir. During our visit, the team took a 360° image close to the crater. This image was taken shortly before the area was closed due to extreme lava flow.
  • Vestnorden 2021 in Reykjanes

    Vestnorden 2021 in Reykjanes

    Business registration open until September 5 - some space available! Registration for the show has started and more information can be found
  • 360° Images of Reykjanes

    360° Images of Reykjanes

    This summer we have been been creating 360° images of Reykjanes and the eruption site. You can acess som of these images on our site to get to know the area better and to prepare your trip.
  • Matarkista Reykjaness 

    Matarkista Reykjaness 

    New website for restaurants and food projects launched. In recent months, work has been done to create a website that makes it easier for residents and visitors to find restaurants in the area, but Reykjanes has a diverse selection of restaurants an…