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There are many outdoor activites that you can do in Reykjanes, such as Hiking, Cave exploring and many more!

Horse Activities

There are many horse rentals in Iceland offering short or longer rides.

The Icelandic horse is a favorite of many and known around the world as an excellent steed.


Bicycle Tours - Biking

Cycling is an inexpensive, fun and earth friendly way to enjoy the country.

Short and long-term bicycle rentals as well as guided bicycle tours are available.

Hiking Tours - Hiking

A popular mode of travel and many hiking trails exist. 

You can hike on your own but also with a guide. 

Cave Exploring

For spelunkers and potholers, Iceland has scores of caves to be explored.

They are large and small, deep and shallow. Some caves may be explored without a guide and many agencies offer cave exploration tours for others.

Golf Courses

Golf enthusiasts choose many excellent golf courses on the island.

ATV & Buggy Tours

The Reykjanes peninsula with its' moonlike landscape is popular for outdoors activities. ATV tours are very popular and a Buggy tour is a great way for the whole family to enjoy the adventure together.