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When traveling around Iceland be sure to take a look at the verity of the day tours on offer and remember; It's not only the destination - it's the journey. 

Our local tour specialists know how to make your visit the most memorable. Take a look at what they have to offer, online or off. It can be helpful when you plan your trip. Whether you are going to be part of a group or travel on your own.

You can visit our local Day Tour Providers through the links here below. 

Northern Light Inn
Northern Light Inn is a family-run hotel, wellness spa and restaurant near Iceland’s Blue Lagoon. • 42 lovely rooms, 24/7 honesty bar, fast wifi and free scheduled Blue Lagoon shuttles. • Spa, saunas, solarium, aurora floating, vacation fitness and refreshing wellness treatments.  • Max’s Restaurant serves local foods, Nordic specialities and select wines. • 20 minutes from KEF International Airport and 45 to Reykjavik. Northern lights dance above the hotel from September to April when space weather conditions are good. We’re located in the Reykjanes UNESCO Global Geopark, an extraordinary place for amazing adventures. The coolest hotspot in Iceland. Contact us directly for further information.  
Arctic Horses
Arctic Horses offers horseback rides to the best destinations of the otherwordly Reykjanes Peninsula in south western Iceland, and is the only stable riding near the geothermal Blue Lagoon Spa. We are only 5 minute drive from the Blue Lagoon. Icelandic horses are the easiest horses to ride in the world, and our experienced guides will happily teach you. Please contact for tours and booking information.
Reykjanes - Seakayak
Reykjanes Seakayak offers guided tours on seakayaks in the vibrant and safe environment in Reykjanes bay in the period 1st of May- 30th of September, from our farm, Þórustadir. Sit on top Kayaks are easy and safe, our visitors have been from 6 years to 70 years .  We supply: Dry suits – warm and comfortable, Rubber shoes and Life west. You can wear your own clothes underneath, what you feel comfortable to wear. Reykjanes Seakayak is located between Keflavik and Reykjavik and the guided tours are done in a group of 2-8 persons for 2 hours, from Þórustadir, Vatnsleysuströnd to the Vogar lighthouse and back. How to find us : Driving from Reykjavík on the road, Reykjanesbraut ( Road 41 )  you turn right into Vatnsleysuströnd ( Road 420 ), pass the church on your right side and take next turn right into our farm. Driving from Keflavik on the road, Reykjanesbraut ( Road 41 )  you turn right into Vogar ( town is on your left ) , then turn right into Vatnsleysuströnd ( Road 420 ), drive until you see the church on your left side. Our farm ( Þórustaðir ) is the last left drive in before the church.   Bookings and further information on
Fjallagarpar ehf. is founded in 2010 by locals Íris Ósk Kristjánsdóttir and Guðmundur Helgi Önundarson. Our love of the outdoors and endless search for new adventures. Fjallagarpar is a small family owned tour operator in Iceland.
Norðurflug Helicopter Tours
We can show you nature like you have never experienced it before!   Nordurflug Helicopter Tours is the biggest and oldest helicopter company in Iceland. We are based in the capital city of Reykjavik but don't let that fool you into thinking we can't fly to all parts of the island.  Our affection for exceptional customer service and high operational standards are reflected in our many five star reviews. We are rated as one of the top activities in Iceland on Trip Advisor, as the experience we offer will most likely be the highlight of your trip to Iceland!    Going on a helicopter tour is a fantastic way to experience the sights Iceland has to offer. In a few hours we can take you from volcanoes to glaciers, show you the most remote waterfalls and geothermal areas, all in a day's work. Please visit our website for more information:  Prices range from ISK 27.900. 
Bus4u - Iceland
@Bus4u Iceland you will find all the solution you will need to find when seeking ground transportation in every way, we handle all kinds of ground transportation, group transport, long journeys, short journeys, airline crews, incentive tours and so on. Nothing is to big or to small, tell us your idea of a journey and we will help you make it happen.
Your Friend In Reykjavík
Your Friend in Reykjavik offers walking tours and experiences in downtown Reykjavik as well as driver-guided tours in and out of Reykjavik. Our primary focus is on smaller groups because we like to keep it personal and get to know each and every one of you. There is always room for more friends in life, and we want you to feel welcome and give you all the attention you deserve. If you want a private Reykjavik walking tour or a private driver-guided experience that you can customize according to your wishes, please get in touch. Join us for a tour of your choice. We really look forward to meeting you! Reykjavik Food Lovers Tour - Traditional Icelandic Food. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a walk in the center of Reykjavík, trying the different food at each stop? You’re in luck because that’s precisely what we are offering! We will take you on a fun food tour in the old city center and tell you everything you want to know about the city and Icelandic cuisine, one delicious bite after another. Walk with a Viking - Reykjavik Walking Tour. Want to learn and understand more about Iceland, its history, and modern-day life in the city? We will take you on a walk and show you where the Vikings first settled in Iceland, how Reykjavik developed into the country’s capital, and how we live today. Of course, we will make sure you will see the highlights of the city center Reykjavik Beer & Booze Tour. Icelandic microbreweries have been growing fast, with many different and interesting beers on offer. Our Reykjavik Beer & Booze Tour takes you on a delicious tasting journey at some of the best bars in Iceland. We give you the chance to taste and learn about Icelandic beer or spirits, most of them only sold in Iceland, and tell you all about the new breweries and why beer was banned in Iceland for 74 years (yes, beer was actually banned for 74 years, really). Reykjavik Folklore Walk. On this Icelandic mythical walk, you hear about the elves and trolls of Iceland, ghosts, the unique Icelandic monsters, the 13 Santas, and finally the only known serial killer of Iceland in a land where it’s easy to get lost in the lava fields. We also offer various other private walking tours, and driver guided experiences.
Vogaseatours is a new small family company owned by Símon og Sigrún, started in 2017. In 2018 we bought the steelboat Særós. Særós is named after our two younger children  Sævar and Rós. We operate from the Keflavík harbor, only some 7 minutes from the Keflavik International Airport and just about 45 minutes from the city of Reykjavík. We offer whale watching, sea angling and sightseeing by sea, and other tours. Please contact us for any details and questions you might have -  Our website is
Basecamp Iceland
Aurora Basecamp is a one-of-a-kind facility, offering guests the chance to experience a real-time, indoor simulation of the Northern Lights, in a warm and relaxing environment. From there, our expert guides lead you out into the Icelandic night, and if the conditions are right you’ll get breathtaking views and photos of the real thing! Located just 20 minutes from Reykjavik, Aurora Basecamp provides a comfortable and inviting setting for the perfect Northern Lights experience.
Basecamp Iceland
Founded and continuously operated by a small team of family and friends, Basecamp Iceland takes pride in providing the ultimate in small group adventure. As guides, we take our time to insure you get that perfect picture, find the best spots to appreciate the countless natural wonders, and adapt our tours to make sure everyone has the experience they‘re looking for. We all put a particular focus on the special natural environment of Iceland and in keeping it as pristine and authentic as it was meant to be. The biggest asset of a company like Basecamp Iceland is the people working there. We have a great team of professional guides with years of experience and deep knowledge of local culture.
4x4 Adventures Iceland
4x4 Adventures Iceland is located just a 5 min. drive from the Blue Lagoon and is specialized in receiving small and large groups of people. Just get in contact and we will organize the event whether it is a surprise event, your company´s annual event, a family event or just something you would like to try. Almost anything goes. Here are some of our scheduled trips: We ride on ATV between lava and black sand up between two mountains and ride up onto one where we expect a good view over the Blue Lagoon and the island Eldey. We ride to the Krýsuvík nature reserve over one mountain and to the lava beach to see the ruins of fishermen´s huts, Selatangar.  We ride through the Reykjanes peninsula where we see the tip of Reykjanes, the Reykjanes lighthouse and parts of the Mid-Atlantic ridge that lies between the continents of North America and Europe.   We drive through the beach where Clint Eastwood and Cres made his film "Flags of Our Fathers" Stop for a light refreshment.   There is no age limit for passengers, but a driver´s licence needs to be presented for the ATV driver. Necessary gear is offered for visitors on these trips such as gloves, helmets with headlights and warm waterproof overall clothing for use in caves and craters.  Pick up from hotels in Keflavík, Reykjavík and Blue Lagoon by request.  In addition to the ATVs, we offer rides with Buggy cars and have en e-bike rental.
Fjallafjör / Selfoss Adventures

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