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Fagradalsfjall Volcano 360° Virtual Tour above all three eruption sites (13 viewpoints):

A virtual tour above the eruption sites of Fagradalsfjall Volcano - one of Reykjanes Peninsula's highlights! Explore all three eruption sites from above with our interactive 360-degree panoramas. With 13 viewpoints to navigate between, you can take a closer look at the whole area and learn all the main place names. To jump between viewpoints, tap the 360° icons on the images.

  • Geldingadalir/Fagradalsfjall eruption 2021
  • Meradalir eruption 2022
  • Litli-Hrútur eruption 2023

Three viewpoints at the end show the beginning stages of each eruption with active lava flow (marked with red).

For the best viewing experience and maximum quality, it is recommended to view this tour on desktop.

Photography & design: Hörður Kristleifsson (@h0rdur)

Videos from each eruption
Geldingadalir 2021: 

Meradalir 2022: 

Litli-Hrútur 2023: 





Below are older versions from 2022: 

August 15th, 2022 - Meradalir Volcano 360° aerial overview: 

July 2022: 360° Aerial Tour (5 viewpoints)

New aerial tour over the eruption site at Fagradalsfjall Volcano - five viewpoints to navigate between. 
Desktop view recommended for optimal viewing experience.