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It is important to follow safety procedures when you are visiting volcano in Fagradalsfjall, Here you can find general safety information for the site.

It is life threataning to step on the newly formed lava, do not step on it even though it looks solid.

The police can stop all traffic to the site unannouced

It is essential to have good hiking shoes, warm clothes and wind and waterproof outerwear as weather conditions can change quickly. 

It is important to check the gas pollution forecast before heading to the area. Gas pollution is oderless and not visable and can collect quickly at the site. If you feel any discomfort you should leave the area immediately.

Stay on hills and ridges and keep away from valleys and low lying areas on the landscape.

Kids younger than 6 are not reccomend to go to the eruption site if there is gas pollution. It is not reccomended that children visit longer that 15 minutes where the gas pollution goes over the safety limit. Please check the gas pollution forecast before heading to the eruption area.

Dogs are not reccomended on the eruption area since the fluerine and gas pollution is not safe for them.

Note that new eruption fissures/craters can open up without much notice.