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Hunting for the northern lights is one of the most popular activities during the winter. The Reykjanes Peninsula is a popular destination to view the Northern lights  as the region has some of the most spectacular locations with low light pollution. Good viewing spots for the Aurora Borealis are in the Krýsuvík area, Bridge Between Continents, Garðskagi and Kálfatjarnakirkja

In order to maximise you change to see the Northen Lights you can follow this checklist:

  • Visit between September and April 
  • It must be as dark as possible, for example a full moon will dim the Northen lights
  • Go to a place with low light pollution
  • Clear sky or very little clouds
  • Enough solar activity

Cloud forecast for Iceland







Short term Aurora forecast

click here for more details.


Aurora intensity forecast

Anything above Kp 2 means that there is a good chance of seeing the Northen lights, given that the above requrements are met



More Aurora Borealis resources:

Space Weather Live

University of Alaska Aurora Forecast

Solar Ham

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