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There are different pathways to the eruption site to choose from, here you can find a map of pathways and information about parking in the area.

The paths have challanging terrain with gravel, lava fields, uneven ground and steep hills.

Path A is closed due to lava flow

Path B is 3.3 km long where you can see the backside of the crater.

Path C by Langihryggur is 4.5 km long where you can see the front of the crater.

Path C by Nátthagi is 2 km and is a much shorter and easier hike, from there you can see newly formed lava but not the crater itself. 

Before heading to the volcano please look at for current safety information.

Rangers are at P1 parking during the daytime. Don't hesitate to ask them for information when you're there.


Places close to the eruption site

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The Blue Lagoon
Grindavík Swimming pool
Fish House Bar and Grill
Kristinsson handmade
KVIKAN - House of Culture and Natural Resources
Salthúsið Restaurant
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