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There are different pathways to the eruption site to choose from, here you can find a map of pathways and information about parking in the area.

The paths have challanging terrain with gravel, lava fields, uneven ground and steep hills.

Path A is now open again after constructions on the site.

Path B is 3 km long and has view of the "backside" of the crater, not much to see unless there is a lot of activity.

Path by Langihryggur is 4 km and can offer a better view of the crater.

Before heading to the volcano please look at for current safety information.



Hiking and Parking Volcano Iceland Geldingadalir Fagradalsfjall

Lava flow information is from Náttúrustofnun Íslands

Parking at Geldingardalir costs 1.000 ISK for one day and can be paid throug

Parking Geldingaralir