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Simple and inexpensive accommodation.

Suitable for budget-minded travelers. They are principally popular with younger people opting for more basic lodgings.

Lava Hostel
Lava Hostel offers a low-price accommodation in Hafnarfjörður a town known for elves and Vikings. In this great atmosphere, we offer rooms for up to eight people, a sleeping bag dorm for larger groups and a campsite. Guests are welcome to use our Wi-fi, laundry facility, kitchen and dining area. Lava Hostel is only 20 minutes drive from Reykjavik city center and in a walking distance from the center of Hafnarfjörður. Lava Hostel is surrounded with Lava and nature, located next to a public park. The hostel is close to bus stops, shops, restaurants, museums, swimming pool, fly bus stops and various activities. If your mind is torn between the city life and the quiet nature Lava Hostel is the place for you. We offer you the best of both worlds. If you are looking for a family friendly campsite near Reykjavik, Hafnarfjörður Camping is the place for you. The campsite is close to shops, restaurants, swimming pool and many tourist activities. Bus stops for the city bus and fly bus are nearby. The airport is 30 minutes drive away. We are situated in a beautiful green park surrounded by lava near the town center of Hafnarfjörður. However, downtown Reykjavik is only a 20 minutes drive away, so you still remain close to the action. Facilities include access to WC, showers, hot and cold water, laundry facility as well as internet, kitchen and a dining area located in Lava hostel. Electricity can be rented for campervans for a small fee. Lava hostel and Hafnarfjörður camping is run by Hraunbúar scouts.
START Hostel
Start Hostel is a new hostel located on Lindarbraut 637 in Ásbrú, Reykjanes, just 8 minute drive from our International Airport in Keflavik. Start Hostel offers relaxing environment in spacius double/twin rooms, triple, quadruple and family rooms with private bathroom, and good blinders.Dorm rooms have private lockers.All our rooms have made up beds including a towel.We also offer our guest´s a well equiped guest kitchen and spacius sitting room. Coffee and tea are available 24 hours a day.Start Hostel in an ideal accommodation for family´s. We have a children´s playground across the street.Free wireless internet.Ideal place to stay on arrival and also on departure, to get a good night sleep for an early flight.We offer an information centre with staff always willing and available to assist you to help organize your stay. Reception is open at all hours.

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Fit Hostel by the Airport Fitjabraut 6a 260 Reykjanesbær 421-8889