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There are plenty of restaurants all over the country.

On the Reykjanes peninsula, there is a great variety of options for dining out. From fast food diners to high-quality restaurants, so there should be something to suit everyone´s needs. Many of the restaurants have made their own unique taste on the local products whether it is a burger, sandwich, or fresh seafood from the local seafood markets.

 It should be easy to find something tasty, take a look at the selection of restaurants below to look at the selection. 


They are everywhere. Quite a few are in the capital and larger towns.

Some can be found in the most unlikely places such as an old barracks in a field or a shed by the sea.

Pubs & Clubs

Most populated areas have at least one pub and the more populated areas have more pubs and also some clubs, ranging in price and quality. Those who enjoy going to pubs and clubbing should be able to find something to their liking.

Take Away

Some restaurants offer home delivery or take away services.

Breakfast Places

What is better than starting the day with a good breakfast. Some hotels, restaurants and cafés have specialised in the morning traffic because of an early start of tours in the region or an early landing of a flight.

Get a good start for the day and take a look at the options here below.