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Jewells Chambers explores hidden gems in Reykjanes

"Our weekend was gem-pact with activities such as delicious food, beautiful accommodations, amazing natural wonders, culture, and history - so much is going on here. Not many people come here, so you almost kind of feel like you have it to yourself which is awesome”, says Jewells Chambers but she just finished her 3-day trip around Reykjanes Peninsula.

Chambers is the host of the Equal Rights award-winning podcast show and youtube channel, All Things Iceland, and her newest show is about her adventure in Reykjanes. The trip was a collaboration with Visit Reykjanes to show people the many gems in “Iceland’s most underrated area”, she said. Now she has released a new youtube video from her journey. 

Jewells is a native New Yorker who moved to Iceland in 2016 after she fell in love with the country and her husband Gunnar. She says that moving to Iceland was not a difficult decision to make.

The land of fire and ice amazes her every day whether it is the language, culture, history, or nature. As a lifelong city girl, moving to Iceland was the beginning of an amazing adventure for Jewells. With her podcast show and youtube channel, All Things Iceland, she takes her fans with her on her journey in the most fun way. She often shows how she is adjusting to the community, how she experiences new destinations and gives tourists useful travel tips. 

Jewells has visited the Reykjanes peninsula many times before, but this time she explored and did some activities that many tourists don´t really know of. Everyone goes through Keflavík airport in Reykjanes and might stop in the Blue Lagoon or at the erupting volcano but there are so many other things in Reykjanes that are unlike anything in Iceland and are worth adding to the bucket list.

After all, Reykjanes is in the UNESCO Global Geopark and is the only place in the world where the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is visible above sea level. The good news is that all of the destinations are within 30 minutes from The international airport!


Gunnhildur Björg Baldursdóttir


To learn more about Iceland check her out here:

Instagram: @allthingsiceland

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Below are some of the highlights that Jewells and Gunnar did on the Reykjanes Peninsula:

 Day One

 - Hot Spring Snorkeling

- Dinner in Grindavík

- A historic church at Hvalsnes

- Bridge between continents

 - Reykjanesviti, the oldest lighthouse in Iceland

- Iceland's largest mud pool

- Eating bread baked in the ground

Day Two

  - Sea Kayaking in Vogar

- Lunch in Grindavík

- Quad bike adventure

 - 4-star hotel in Keflavík

- Rooftop pool

Day Three

- Rock museum

- The iconic Blue Lagoon

- Floating in water massage

 - Historic WWII Monument