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A Walk in quirky Keflavík Town

The town of Keflavík has a quirky side that was fun to explore one Saturday afternoon.

We went off the beaten track to discover hidden gems and humble things like that Laburnum or Gullregn that was able to grow from cement in a sunny corner of the local shop. You could see that the employers used the corner for smoking during breaks, probably to enjoy some beauty while they relaxed.

This is a colorful and happy home that invites you to knock on the door and ask for a coffee. I wonder what would happen?

Some say that beauty lies in the detail, and it is many things. There´s something about this house and its unfinished car. There´s a potential there, one day the car will have been restored to its former glory, and one day the people that live in the house will have a fine porch, but in the meantime, they are enjoying life and are ready to enjoy some sun, the next time it´s around.