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What better way to soak in the last days of summer and enjoy the rugged nature of the Reykjanes Peninsula than doing yoga in the fresh air at sunset?

Anna Margrét Ólafsdóttir and her friend Tabatha Tarran physiotherapist, yoga and Pilates teacher had been doing Pop-up yoga outdoors during summer and decided to have the final session on the black beach Sandvík where they filmed the movie Flags of our fathers staring at Mr. Clint Eastwood himself.

It´s a little tricky to find the turn off the road to the beach, and you have to be careful driving in the sand. But the beach isn´t far from the road.

We sat up our yoga mattresses and Ingi, Anna Margrét´s husband was in charge of the bonfire. People were soon arriving at the beach, ready for some stretches and the sun was shining.

It was majestic to do yoga with the wonderful view of the sea and the nearing sunset. Suddenly we saw fog coming in over the sea. In Icelandic, the word for the phenomenon would be Þokubakki. As we did our poses we were surrounded by it which gave an eerie and mystic feeling.

So because of the fog, we missed the sunset but we made up for it by lighting a bonfire and gathered around it to participate in Anna´s chanting. Afterward, we had tea to warm ourselves up because the evenings in Iceland are always a bit chilly.
We stayed there for a little bit but soon it was time to go because it was getting dark and we didn´t want to get lost.

Anna´s yoga 

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