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Unearthing the spirit of the Icelandic horse

We are not known for our horses but we do have enthusiastic people winning awards at competitions who love breeding and riding the Icelandic horse.

Fiona Trowbridge a travel writer from Glasgow was amazed at the unique gaits of the Icelandic horse as she was watching Signý, youngest daughter of Hrönn and Snorri who lives in Keflavík.

“And this is the tölt,” said Hrönn as Chloe elegantly glided past us in the arena, with Hrönn and Snorri’s youngest daughter, Signý sitting comfortably in the saddle as Chloe and Signý demonstrated the smoothness of the tölt gait, one of two gaits unique to Icelandic horses.

Fiona's tales have been featured in Wanderlust Magazine and Australia & New Zealand Magazine she has won The Telegraph travel writing competition twice.