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Reykjanes peninsula is a UNESCO Global Geopark, with its diversity of volcanic and geothermal activity caused by the drifting apart of the major plate boundaries of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. The landscape formed by these elements has shaped the culture and the development of society. 

Reykjanes peninsula has a very rich fishing tradition. Our harbours have been shaped by nature and with the closeness to rich fishing grounds, they have been an important part of Iceland's history and regional development.  Fishermen and farmers from all over Iceland had the opportunity to work in fishing during the winter and go home during summer. Today, fisheries are still one of the pillars in the Reykjanes economy, along with tourism. 

The ports of Reykjanes

To access the spectacular nature of the Reykjanes peninsula, you have 2 harbours to choose from;

  • Port of Reykjanes
  • Port of Grindavík

The ports are able to accommodate vessels up to 160-200 meters and they only take one at a time, to ensure the best possible service for the vessels and the experience for the visitors.  

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    Guides and passengers from expedition cruise vessels will be given the chance to land on specific coastal areas to clean the shorelines.