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New map - hazard zone for the eruption site in Reykjanes

The Icelandic MET office published an updated map of the eruption site
Updated July 11th 2023 - The Icelandic MET office
Updated July 11th 2023 - The Icelandic MET office

A new map showing potential hazard zone around the eruption has been published by the Icelandic MET office.

The map shows the area as it looks like today with an orange colour surrounding the new fissures and lava.

Around the eruption site, some dangerous events can occur. Like moss fires and new fissures openings with a short notice. Melting hot lava can also fall from the edge or can spit out of it as it finds its way down to the valleys below.

Gas pollution is in the vicinity of the eruption and can affect visitors if the wind direction is heading their way or if there is no wind.

A map has been created with a new hiking trail and viewing site for the eruption. See here.