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Upcoming: The Volcanic Way

We at Visit Reykjanes have partnered with our friends at Visit South Iceland to bring you 'The Volcanic Way', a route from Reykjanes and along the South coast that takes you to 8 of the regions popular volcanoes.

For centuries, Icelanders have coexisted with volcanoes, which have deeply influenced their history and culture. But volcanoes not only shape the country's past and present, they also play a crucial role in shaping Iceland's unique natural landscape. Characterized by black sand beaches, lava fields, geothermal areas, and majestic volcanoes, the landscape is a natural wonder that attracts many travelers. With a long history of working with volcanic forces, Iceland is home to two geoparks and numerous destinations that showcase the country's volcanic heritage.

Planning and developing of this project began in 2021, with the main goal to encourage travelers and locals alike to get out and explore nature and learn more about the countries volcanoes. 

"We are very excited to finally have the opportunity to present this project, as there is a lot of fun work behind it.With the project, we want to give our visitors the opportunity to learn about both the history and culture of the regions, and create a platform where those interested can learn about the power of volcanoes in a safe and interesting way" says Ragnhildur Sveinbjarnardóttir, executive director of Visit South Iceland.

"The volcanoes have had a great impact on the communities and now is the time to share our history and the volcanoes
" adds Þuríður Aradóttir Braun, director of Visit Reykjanes.

"There are great and underutilized opportunities in volcano tourism in Iceland,It's great for tourism companies in the region to get tools in their hands that can be put to better use. Especially in light of recent events, as Iceland's image has obviously been affected by the volcanic debate"  says Ragnhildur Ágústsdóttir, owner of Lava show. 

You can find more information here