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Hindsight - Linda Steinþórsdóttir

August 31 - November 30
On the occasion of the town festival Night of Lights 2023, Linda Steinþórsdóttir's exhibition, Endurlit/Hindsight, will open in Bíósalur Hall in Duus Museum in collaboration with Reykjanes Art Museum.
Endurlit/Hindsight opens August 31st at 6 - 8 pm and the exhibition will be on display until November 30th 2023.
The artist Linda Steinþórsdóttir seeks inspiration in Minimalism on the one hand and in Expressionism on the other, where she finds room to reflect her own personality and experiences through a very intimate examination of nature, that she communicates to the viewer. The shapes and forms in Linda’s works strive to express the complex interactions between humans and nature, while being, at the same time, an independent experience through the artist’s visual work.
The works are often quite textured, and the projection of the visuals are reminiscent of Iceland, the harsh and bare nature is expressed onto canvas via the artist’s retrospection and introspection, remembering the land of her upbringing with shapes and textures conjured up from her field of memory.
Linda attempts to follow a narrow path where the viewer can sense the tension between the unexpected, the novel, the flowing, and the familiar. The artist’s simple colour palette may possibly be traced to minimalism, but the texture of the works is that more expressive, and thus two very different movements interact on the same canvas in the artist’s work.
It is a great gain for the museum to have Linda Steinþórsdóttir exhibiting in the Bíósalur hall in Duus Museum during the Night of Lights 2023. As she has spent most of her adulthood in Austria, we here in Reykjanes do not often get the chance to enjoy her work in the hometown of her youth.
Linda Steinþórsdóttir var born in Keflavík in 1968. She studied journalism and art history at Salzburg University and has also studied at the International Summer Academy for Fine Arts in Salzburg with Varda Caivano.
Linda is a member of SÍM, she was also one of the coordinators of the international convention Art DIAGONALE Traunkust 2016 / Collaboration with Museum Angerlehrer / ART DIAGONALE II in Korpúlfsstaðir in Reykjavik 2017 in collaboration with SÍM.


Duusgata 2-8, Keflavík, Iceland