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Seltún closed due to maintenance

Seltún in Krýsuvík will be closed from May 2 to June 6 due to maintenance work. The wooden walkway, which is the only safe approach to the bubbling and hissing geothermal area, is being replaced, so the area will be completely closed during construction. That includes wc facilities and parking.

The steaming volcanic vents and boiling hot springs alone call for hiking trails to be constantly repaired as there is a lot of wear and tear. During constructions, a top dressing of gravel will be added to pathways as conditions allow. The project is being carried out with a grant from the Tourist Site Protection Fund for the continued development of the area, which is considered urgent due to safety and nature conservation considerations.

Krýsuvík is one of Iceland's most beautiful natural places, beside the mud pools and sulphur deposits which are closed in Seltún, you'll find wildly colourful crater lakes like Grænavatn, Gestsstaðavatn and Augun lakes in the area and just a few minutes drive from the surreal landscape of the geothermal area sits the stunning Krýsuvíkurberg Cliffs. The maintenance of paths and the development of hiking trails at this popular tourist destination is a priority for the town of Hafnarfjörður in the newly published destination plan for the capital region with ideas for further development of facilities in the area in the coming years.