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The new hiking trail (D) is now open

The local authorities have opened the eruption site
A high volume of Volcanic gases and gas pollution is near the eruption site.

Gas pollution at the eruption site and a new hazard map published

Due to massive gas pollution following the eruption the site can be closed with short notice.
Location of the new eruption site compared to the Mt. Fagradalsfjall eruption site

An eruption has started on the Reykjanes peninsula

After a week of earthquakes and expected eruption, it has now started.
View from Mt. Langihryggur hiking trail (trail C). Photo: Thrainn Kolbeinsson

Visitors are encouraged to sign up for SMS alerts

Due to increased seismic activity on the Reykjanes peninsula and possible eruption, sign up for SMS alerts

Hazard map of possible eruption site in Reykjanes

A map has been published, showing the possible eruption site in Reykjanes
View to the Náttagi Valley and last eruption site. Image: H0rdur

SMS notifications sent out to visitors and residents regarding the earthquakes in Reykjanes

The Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management, in consultation with the Reykjanes chief of police, have turned on notifications by SMS messages to visitors that enter a certain area in the region due to the earthquake swarm that started on the 4th of July.
The main crater from the eruption in 2020. Image: H0rdur

Earthquakes on the Reykjanes peninsula

Earthquakes have started again in the Reykjanes peninsula similar to the present events before the eruption in Mt. Fagradalsfjall last year. Due to that visitors are asked to take care when hiking and driving in the region, expecially close to mountain areas.

The Boat museum of Grímur Karlsson is closed temporarily due to construction

Picture: AECO


Guides and passengers from expedition cruise vessels will be given the chance to land on specific coastal areas to clean the shorelines.

Temporary closure on one of the roads to Gunnuhver

15th-19th of February 2023

The Churches of Reykjanes

You don’t have to be religious to appreciate Iceland’s churches. They’re often a treat for the eyes, both in terms of their architecture and also their setting. Many are the focal point of rural communities, with unspoilt scenic backdrops. Some have a fascinating back story or a tale to tell about times past. Why not include one in your next visit? Here are our suggestions for where to find the most interesting churches of Reykjanes.

The best time to visit Reykjanes

Reykjanes, like the rest of Iceland, sees visitor numbers soar during the summer peak season. But why is that? There are good reasons to come to Reykjanes from June to August, but equally you’ll reap the benefit of coming in spring, autumn or winter. Let’s find out when is the best time to visit Reykjanes.