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Eruption News

An overview of the parking 2 (Volcanoskali) and the eruption site in Mt. Fagradalsfjall. Image: Hord…

Mt. Fagradalsfjall Hiking Trail Is Now Open

The road closures have now been moved, allowing access to the Mt. Fagradalsfjall hiking trail, as well as many other natural highlights.

Blue Lagoon Reopens

All Blue Lagoon facilities are open again as of today (June 11th 2024).
The remaining crater erupting in Sundhnúksgígar. Image by Ingibergur Thor.

Eruption ongoing and updated road closures

Lava closes road no. 43, Grindavíkurvegur
Image from the Civil Protection and Emergency Management. May 29, 2024.

Eruption in Reykjanes - updated closure boundaries

An eruption has started in Reykjanes and an evacuation plan has been activated around Grindavík.

The Blue Lagoon is open for visitors

The eruption is still ongoing and closures will remain unchanged.

Temporary closure on road no. 43

Due to gas pollution from the eruption and unfavourable wind direction
An overview of the parking 2 (Volcanoskali) and the eruption site in Mt. Fagradalsfjall. Image: Hord…

The hikingtrails in Mt. Fagradalsfjall have been reopened

The closing post has been moved, giving access to more nature highlights

Exploring Reykjanes: Navigating Eruptions and Safety Measures

The Reykjanes region's response to ongoing eruptions and safety measures for visitors

Why the state of emergency affecting part of Reykjanes doesn’t mean you should cancel your Iceland trip

UPDATE: There are no active volcanoes in the area. This blog will be updated accordingly.
Image from tonight. Source:, Ragnar Visage

An eruption has started by Mt. Hagafell

All safety and security measures have been taken. Please view from a safe distance.
Overview of the new roads.

Road towards Grindavik and the Blue lagoon open

A new road has been laid over the new lave giving visitors the possibility of visiting the Blue Lagoon
The eruption seen from Ásbrú, Reykjanesbær.

New eruption has started